Some of the things we’ve done or we’re working on.

Memories Of Machines was licensed exclusively to London based Kscope label for worldwide distribution on CD, DVD, double vinyl and digital platforms.


We did the production, mixing, mastering for all the formats, the artwork design, the surround mixing and authoring for the DVD.


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memories of machines cd and vinyl mockup
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Words.Tel is the only platform to create your own taglines (short memorable phrases) with the help of AI, uniquely own them, and use them to be easily remembered and found. Without competitors or ads.


It gives everyone a memorable way to stand out and be found, without hard-to-remember contacts details, without search engines, SEO ranking and promoted content.


Website, iOS/Android app, and on all Alexa smart speakers and devices.


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Tweetify It is a unique service to re-purpose long-form content into effective Tweets and short effective posts for other social media.


It uses custom algorithms and AI to tailor personal bite-sized, engaging posts out of blog posts, articles, longer posts (for example, from other socials) etc.


It’s also possible to tailor the result using options for the tone, what are the more relevant or less relevant topics to focus on, hashtags, language, length and more.


A freemium and pay-as-you-go service focused on privacy, ease of use and simplicity.


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nosound and giancarlo erra videos

Concept, pre-production and direction of several official music videos.


We curated the filming with professional cameras and drones, the editing, and the overall production of the projects.


Our visual approach is very cinematic and tightly linked with the music, and that’s partly where the Widescreen name comes from!


More info astrophotography website portfolio screenshot

Astrophotography website, store and logo design. The website is fully focused on the images, clearly presenting them with all the technical information for each shot.

The main challenge was to optimise the system to be able to show all the images at once in good resolution also on mobile and guarantee at the same time quick loading times and beautiful presentation.


We also created the prints & merchandise store on RedBubble, with all the products manufactured on demand and shipped locally from Europe, US, Canada and Australia.


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Nosound band website home

With almost 20 years long career and many albums, Nosound needed a new website presenting in a clear and complete way the band, discography, lyrics etc.


The website is integrated with the official socials and stores, that we manage as well, and have dynamic photo galleries from external sources, plus integration with the band’s Youtube channel.


The design needed to be slick and modern/minimalist, with easy to update pages, and be a central place for new and old fans to find band’s material on the internet or in shops.


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The personalized copywriting AI for creative, marketing, and SEO professionals and agencies.


Most of the existing solutions are one-size-fits-all services, not tailored to specific needs of workflow and contents.


Copy Forge is a copywriting AI framework made to be custom tailored to the specific needs of professionals and agencies who need full control over their AI-assisted copywriting.


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Audioshapes AI is a completely new application of machine learning with neural networks (AI) for music.  It’s an artist trained sound-design AI for hardware music synthesisers by Widescreen Studio.


It uses a new concept for training, allowing artists to create an AI that ‘thinks’ like them when they use their favourite synthesisers.


The end result is an alter ego of the artist on that synth, with controllable possibilities going also beyond what they might think.


This is being actively developed by Widescreen Studio with Dan Parnham (software engineer and co-founder of Emergent Design Ltd), we have already working prototypes, and the project will evolve eventually into a commercial product.


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giancarlo erra departure tapes mockup cd and vinyl

Departure Tapes was licensed exclusively to Kscope for worldwide distribution. We did the production, mixing and mastering. It was released on CD, DVD (surround sound), and coloured vinyl.


We came up with the visual concept behind the album and curated all the artwork, photography, and music videos.


We also took care of the online presence with the website, promotion and all the socials management.


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Novel and interactive career website for Giancarlo Erra, focusing on the 25 years career spanning across tech and creative industries.


Emulating a computer terminal, the website forces the user into a more interactive and engaging experience in comparison to other websites.


Considering the vast amount of experiences, the website tries to give an overview and history, pointing as well to direct contacts for more detailed info.


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nosound this night live in veruno cd and vinyl

An independent live release by Nosound band, licensed for online sale to Burning Shed online store (where the band has their official store).


We produced the full work from mixing and mastering to artwork design and the physical manufacturing of all the formats.


The album was released on CD, on all digital platforms and as handmade lathe-cut transparent vinyl. This was a very limited, signed and numbered release, that sold out almost immediately upon release.


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giancarlo erra music website portfolio screenshot

Official website for Giancarlo Erra solo music career. A light and minimalist design, extended use of serif fonts and graphics, and a focus on clear contents and easy navigation for all internal and external contents.


Integration with socials, external photo galleries and Youtube videos, for a full experience without leaving the website.


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